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Israel Student Transportation – The Best A Parent Can Get! 

Shuttle service for children and teens at school and outside the school for any purpose, starting with a study tour around the country through guided excursions to bar / bat mitzvah shuttles.

Vehicles are licensed by drivers to transport students and meet the criteria of the child-adapted Ministry of Education, vehicles that include elaborate child-prevention systems, fire extinguishing systems, child-friendly seat belts and more.

Do you run a school? Responsible for the shuttles and wondering how students could get to class on time each morning? Then you should know: Student transportation services are the right solution. It doesn’t matter where the school you run is, because in any case, the students will be very happy to know that they can arrive every morning with an organized shuttle. For a quote, call Siunov David Freight Company today because no doubt your students deserve to get the best.

Student Transportation – Why is it a service you shouldn’t give up?

Seemingly it is true that you can “drop” the interest of students’ arrival on their parents. Each parent will be responsible for bringing his or her child to school, but this practice is not highly recommended. It is not a coincidence that so many schools enjoy student shuttle services, because this has obvious benefits:

The parents themselves should not bring the children to school

 All students arrive on time

Everyone drives safely

Students can also enjoy the road itself

Also, it is not expensive service and there are also parents who will not send them to your school if there is no transportation. So it is advisable to take this into account because if you provide such a service in competing schools, how can you give it up in your school?

Student transportation – Contact only a leading shuttle company

If you have a question about which shuttle company you should contact for ordering such a service, you can understand that there are quite a few companies offering similar services today. However, you should know that you are not going to get what Siyonov David Transportation Company can offer you and your students everywhere, so why think twice?

The company comes with many years of experience, with a large fleet of fully equipped buses and very experienced drivers. Also, if you call today at +972-53-752-7676 you can get a great quote, so why pay more for other companies? Your students deserve to know that the shuttle will always arrive on time and their parents deserve to know that they will always return safely and therefore the Siunov David Transportation Company Limited will be the right choice.

When you think of shuttles, kids think, first and foremost, about safety. We have nothing more expensive than our children so it is clear why we want to make sure you have the safest and safest trip possible. Does that sound familiar to you? Need shuttle services for kids and don’t quite know who to contact? So, know that you’ve come to the right place. At Siyonov David Travel Company Ltd. you can enjoy the rare combination of safe travel, courtesy and comfortable prices, so why not call today?

Student transportation

Children’s transportation – so be sure the kids are in good hands

In the modern age, a number of companies that work across the country can be contacted by any such shuttle service. However, not in all places you will find enough courteous and experienced drivers. In addition, not everywhere are waiting for your children pampering buses, so you should only resort to the best. A serious shuttle company brings with her:

You can choose between a wide range of buses and minibuses

Travel in well-equipped, comfortable and safe vehicles

Very experienced drivers

Insurance for every passenger

Adherence to schedule

It is also worth noting that not all companies engaged in the field allow the customer to choose between a permanent order of shuttle and a one-time shuttle. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think in advance what kind of service you need in the area of ​​transportation, accordingly, to a company that can provide you with a service that you are interested in.

Child transportation – Let your children travel with pleasure anywhere

Looking for a good travel company? Do you think the children will come safely but also enjoy the road themselves? If so, Sionov David Freight Company is the address for you. This company has been providing a very varied transport service for more than thirty years, so you can be sure that you will always find the solution you need here. One-time shuttle service for children or regular service, because the quote will always be such that you can easily meet it. Need more information? Do you have any questions or requests? Call now: +972-53-752-7676 and enjoy a courteous service that starts with a pleasant phone call.

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