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Employees Transportation Service

Employee transportation gives your employees the feeling that personal treatment accompanies
them from the time they leave their home to work and return safely.
An employee has no dependency on public transportation that often does not meet the time and personal goals of each employee,
certainly not in general tailored to the needs of the company.
There are a number of advantages to employee transportation that have proven themselves for many years.
These benefits include timely arrival of all employees to the company or factory, significant fuel savings for all employees and more.

There are many companies that provide shuttle services to their employees, including municipal institutions,
government offices, high-tech employee hospitals, hospitals and a variety of organizations. Apart from employee shuttles to the plant,
shuttles can be booked to allow employees to leave for their well-being during
the formulation that contributes to the atmosphere and organizational spirit, which connects employees and optimizes their work.
Shuttle services for employees can also be used in a variety of departures for company events and for any purpose.

Just before choosing an employees transportation company it is important to check!

Is the shuttle company you booked meets the conditions?

Does the company have any transport ministry permits required to operate the travel agency or is it an irregular company?

Do the company vehicles have advanced safety measures such as a GPS system for real-time driver identification,
driving control, warning received in the office if the driver commits a safety offense such as failure to maintain distance,
speed control. And vehicle-type prevention systems, or fire extinguishing systems that have proven effective in many cases.

Are all vehicle seats fitted with seat belts?

Have the vehicles undergo treatments as required in a licensed garage and inspected by the company’s safety officer.

Transportation workers

In addition, a number of characteristics of the company must be ascertained as a cornerstone of reliable and convenient service –

Company’s seniority in the transportation industry – Make sure how long the company has been operating
and what kind of experience it has acquired during its years of operation.
How long does this type of employee shuttle provide, what other services it provides,
what additional organizations it provides, and not even the shame of asking other questions that may be more relevant and specific to you.

Prices of Transportation

Price of service – Make sure that the company provides a service that is suitable for the price it charges for,
service should not be compromised even if there is a company offering a lower price,
keep in mind that a lower price may seem tempting at the moment,
but may in the future hurt things that we can not see through the corporate promises.

Reviews – Given the option, you should ask the company for a recent customer
list to review their opinion of the service they have provided to you.

Number of passengers and vehicle size – It is necessary to ascertain whether the company provides vehicles in a variety of models and sizes
to enable the customer to adjust the vehicles he needs for travel conditions,
if it is travel within the city you can ask for a simple vehicle that may also lower the price, as well as business travel.
Or on long trips, you can make sure that the company fleet has spacious and comfortable
vehicles so that the company employees do not have to suffer all the way and can enjoy the full service experience.

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The many benefits of working shuttle services

There is no argument that you can pass on the responsibility to your employees when it comes to coming to the office.
However, it is important that you be aware of the many benefits that await your employees, and you, too,
if you organize employee transportation in advance, such as:

All employees will arrive on time in the office and there will be no delays that may impair the work process.

You can save money on buying vehicles for every employee or manager in the company.

Employees can also enjoy the road itself.

In addition, it is worth noting that even if you do not need such service every day but only on days of consolidation or special activities, this is possible. There are quite a few transportation companies today so whenever you need it you can contact the company, ask for a quote and book a big bus to take the employees wherever you want.

Shuttle workers are safe throughout the country

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Why is employees transportation this important service?

If you have any doubts about booking shuttle services for employees, you can certainly understand that this is another
financial expense that your business will have to deal with. However,
it is important to understand the many benefits you will enjoy if you order such a service:

Start of work day – employees will always arrive on time, there will be no delay and every work day will start just in time.

The Economy Savings – Instead of having to buy a car for every department manager or employee, employees can use the convenient transportation available every day.

The convenience – employees will not have to get tired of driving on the road and they will be able to take the time for rest, reading or any other activity.

In addition, you can be sure that employees simply expect to have shuttles every day,
because that’s what happens in a lot of other factories and businesses. Therefore,
if you do not want the employees to leave you for other places, you should make sure that you are comfortable and pampering.

Transportation for employees with a professional company in the field

What is important to be aware of, is that today there are many companies offering various types of shuttle services throughout the country.
So the question arises: Which company do you choose? And how can you ensure you are satisfied with the service?
This is the time to get acquainted with Mesie Sionov David Travel Company Ltd. and call: +972-53-752-7676
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